Interesting facts

Morten and Magne worked in a psychiatric hospital in Oslo as orderlies before they formed a-ha, but that wasn't how they met... they met when Morten was in the audience at a competition for amateur bands, at which Bridges was performing and Morten helped Magne to find a job in a hospital.

The first release of Take On Me was sold only 300 copies.

Morten's first love was Bunty Bailey, the girl from the 'Take On Me' video. Unfortunately, she left him quite soon. Later she also appeared in Billy Idol's video.

The video for Suzanne Vega' song "Luka" was inspired by "Take On Me" video.

"This Alone Is Love" is based on the song "May The Last Dance Be Mine" by Bridges, 1980 (the group where Paul and Magne played before a-ha)

When a-ha was approached to compose and perform the title song for the Bond-movie The Living Daylights, Morten Harket was asked by the producers to appear in the movie because of his popularity. They wanted him to play a bad-guy, but he declined.

The DOORS heavily influenced a-ha. Here are some of today's bands, influenced by a-ha: Slickerball , MXPX, Reel Big Fish and Diva, Killer Shadows, Spectrum, Captain Jack, Vacuum, Cranberries (!).

"East of the Sun and West of the Moon" is the name of a norwegian folk tale.

Memorial Beach is the name of one place in Florida.

The song "Angel In The Snow" was actually written by Paul for his wife, Lauren in 1991, when they got married. This is the old norwegian tradition.

The sound quality of Morten Harket's "Wild Seed", recorded in Norway's Studio 1 was so crisp and clear that Canadian singer Celine Dione booked the studio for her next album.

The band owns one island on Maldives, and while Paul and Magne visit it quite rarely, Morten often spends there his holidays with children.

In 1999 Paul Waaktaar received an award: a-ha have been played 2.000.000 times on US radio-stations, which means 143.000 times a year since 1985!

Astronauts' suits from the "Minor Earth | Major Sky" video are the reproductions of the original NASA suits and were already used in the movie "Apollo 13". Their cost is about $25.000.

Album sales

Hunting High And Low - 7.8 million
(Norway - 228.000)

Scoundrel Days - over 5.6 million
(Norway - 160.000)

Stay On These Roads - over 3.9 million
(Norway - 85.000)

East Of The Sun... - 2.3 million
(Norway - 118.000)

Headlines And Deadlines - 2.1 million
(Norway - 40.000)

Memorial Beach - over 722.000
(Norway - 35.000, USA - 30.000)

Minor Earth | Major Sky - over 1.3 million

Total - 25 million (with bootlegs)

Wild Seed - 161.000
Vogts Villa - 18.000

Mary Is Coming - 30.000
Lackluster Me - 13.000
Mountains Of Time - 45.000

TV / Movie appearances

1987 - "The Living Daylights" for The Living Daylights soundtrack (James Bond movie)

1989 - Morten Harket starred in Kamilla And The Thief (norweigan film), "Kamilla And Sebastian" for the soundtrack.

1993 - "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" - Morten Harket for The Coneheads soundtrack (directed by Steve Barron)

1993 - "Memorial Beach" in Baywatch

1993 - "Angel In The Snow" in Melrose Place

1994 - "Shapes That Go Together" for the winter Olympic Games (Lillehammer)

1996 - "Heaven's Not For Saints" - Morten Hatket for Eurovision

1997 - "Take On Me" in Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack

1998 - "Summer Moved On" for the Nobel Peace Concert (Oslo)

1998 - Morten Harket's "Jester In Town" in Sophie's World soundtrack - the most expensive norwegian movie of all time.

2001 - "Velvet" in One Night At Mc Cool's soundtrack