Pål and Mags began playing together, aged 10 and 12 respectively, in the high-rise flats in Manglerud, Oslo, where they lived. They started out playing recorders and tin plates before graduating to guitars and cheap synthesisers.

Mags' family moved to Asker (near Oslo) where Pål's parents also had a "summer cabin". It was there they formed Bridges with Viggo Bondi and Oystein Jevanord.

Bridges' self-financed LP "Fakkeltog" was released, full of "ambitious, almost symphonic pieces" mostly written by Pål. Only 1000 copies of this album were ever produced.

Bridges split up. Mags told Morten of his and Pal's plans to go to England and asked Morten to join them, but he refused. So, after six rather unsuccessful months spent in England they decided to move back home to Norway to try to get Morten to change his mind about singing with them.

The three retreated to a small cottage outside Oslo where they worked on demos until January of '83
2nd of January - they returned to London, this time with Morten.
Pal wrote the song in his notebook, called a-ha (or a-hem) - and so it became the name of the band.

They were finally signed to Warner Bros. and the first single was released. Of cource it was "Take On Me". Believe it or not, but only 300 copies of this single were sold. The next release of "Take On Me" flopped too, and the band was ready to split up.

The new version of "Take On Me" was released, followed with the "breakthrough half-animated" video. (directed by Steve Barron) It reached no.1 in 9 countries, including USA, and no.2 in UK.
Album "Hunting High And Low" was released, with three more singles - "The Sun Always Shines On TV" (no.1 in UK), "Hunting High And Low" and "Train Of Thought"

The second album - "Scoundrel Days" was released.
3rd of June - the concert in Perth (Australia) opens the first world tour of a-ha.

Pal wrote the main theme for "The Living Daylights" (James Bond) together with John Barry.
a-ha toured in UK, Norway, Japan and France.

The release of "Stay On These Roads".

11th of February - Morten Harket got married to Camilla Malmquist, the swedish actress.
The video for "There's Never A Forever Thing" came out, directed by Lauren Savoy.
Harket starred in the film 'Kamilla And The Thief'
a-ha toured South America for the first time.

The fourth album - "East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon" was released.

May-June - a-ha toured in Brazil with unbelievable success.
"Headlines And Deadlines", the compilation of singles, came out, including one new song - "Move To Memphis". Also the video compilation was released later the same year.
21st of December - Paul Waaktaar got married to Lauren Savoy.

26th of January - a-ha played at "Rock In Rio" festival, Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and broke the attendance record for the biggest crowd at a rock concert at the Rock in Rio event held - 200.000!
8th of August - Magne Furuholmen got married to Heidi Rydjord. They were friends since Magne was five.

"Memorial Beach" was released.
Morten Harket released his first solo album in norwegian called "Poetenes Evangelium" and sang "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" for the Coneheads soundtrack.

a-ha wrote the song for the Winter Olympic Games held in Lillehammer, "Shapes That Go Together".
After ten years being together a-ha decided to take a break.
Mags completed an instrumental album for a Norwegian movie "Ten Knives In The Heart" ("Ti Kniver I Hjertet") along with his norwegian friend Kjetil Bjerkestrand - later they teamed in a group called Timbersound.

Morten Harket released his "Wild Seed", which had a great success in Norway and was sold 200.000 copies worldwide.

Pal Gamst Waaktaar became Paul Waaktaar-Savoy and formed his own band together with wife, drummer Frode Unneland and bass player Greg Calvert and named it Savoy.
Their first album, "Mary Is Coming" was released internationally.
Morten Harket, frustrated with Warner, signed with BMG/Arista for the release of a new single 'Heaven's Not For Saints', which was performed at '96 Eurovision Song contest.
Harket's second solo album in norwegian - "Vogts Villa" was released.

Savoy's second album "Lackluster Me" was released, but this time only in Norway.
Another release of this year - "Hotel Oslo" by Timbersound.

After a short affair with Lene from "Aqua" Morten Harket divorced with his wife Camilla.
11th of December - a-ha performed two songs (The Sun Always Shines On TV and Summer Moved On) at the Nobel Peace Concert.

a-ha signed a new two-record deal with Warner Bros. The release date for the new album slowly moved from Autumn 1999 to Winter 2000 and then to Spring 2000.
2nd of March - was released the soundtrack to norwegian film "1732 Høtten" ("Bloody Angels") composed by Magne Furuholmen and Kjetil Bjerkerstrand.
6th of August - the new Savoy album "Mountains" was released, in one week with Paul and Lauren's first child - True August.

16 March - the press conference in Paris was attended by journalists from almost all european countries. a-ha presented their new album and the new video ("Summer Moved On"). The press conference was also broadcasted live via the Internet.
14 April - Minor Earth | Major Sky was released in Norway, and three days later in most european countries. The album hit no.1 spot in Norway, Germany and Estonia, and reached Top10 in Austria, Israel, Russia, Spain and Switzerland.

Concerts in Japan, Germany, Russia, Estonia, Switzerland and Norway.
Minor Earth | Major Sky and Velvet singles and videos released.
Ocober 1 - Oslo concert released on DVD / VHS.
Two other October releases include Savoy's new album, Reasons To Stay Indoors, and Timbersound's single, Dragonfly.

Lifelines album released, followed by three singles.
More touring, highlighted with performing at the Wembley Arena in London.

The first a-ha live album, How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head, was released.

April - a-ha switches from Warner to Universal.
September - new albums from Savoy and Magne Furuholmen, both on their own labels.
Film 'Hawaii, Oslo' is put for Oscar Best Foreign Film nomination from Norway. Savoy's song 'Whalebone' from the soundtrack acts as the theme song for the nomination.